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Minding Our Own Business

Posted by Ross Reinman on

So whatever you believe about these things
keep between yourself and God (Romans 14:22).   

The Bible says that in some areas of life, it’s best for Christians to mind their own business! We must keep our personal convictions about morally neutral matters between us and the Lord. There are many lifestyle choices where there’s no clear scriptural instruction, so Believers must do some soul-searching and decide for themselves whether it will be homeschooling or public school, wine or no wine, trick-or-treating for Johnny, or not. The list of Christian “matters of conscience” is endless, and the problem comes when we think that what’s right for us, must be right for everyone; and if it’s wrong for me, then it has to be wrong for everyone else. This is the way people become offended and churches become divided. Paul preaches a lifestyle that makes every effort to accept others in these non-moral matters—to be sensitive and avoid offending people with our strongly-held personal convictions in disputable matters. We must decide what’s right for us, be sensitive to others who differ, and keep our personal opinions quiet. So whether it’s tattoos, body piercings, beer, or smoking cigarettes, or favorite Bible version, or style of worship music, or how many times you go to church a week, live your life before God, be sensitive to others who think differently, entrust them to the God they serve, and keep your opinions (unless they’re asked for) to yourself. These are the things that lead to unity and to peace in the pews!


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